Sun Clear
SUN CLEAR is a non-toxic, sprayable coating that converts the normal hydorphobic (nonwettable) surface of all plastics, glass and metals to a permanent hydrophilic (wettable) condition. Dripping, which can promote fungus diseases such as Botrytis, is eliminated from the roof of the greenhouses and other structures. Up to 50% more light is transmitted through the treated surface. When more solar energy is transmitted into a structure less amounts of other energy are required to maintain a temperature.

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VARISHADE-2 is a non-toxic, sprayable coating that shades when dry but is practically transparent when wet. This variable shade coating can be applied to glass or plastics. When wet VARISHADE-2 will be almost clear allowing more solar energy in. When dry, VARISHADE-2 will shade thus using less colling costs.

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Sprayer Head

Best used for smaller applications such as hobby greenhouse or car ports. Spayer fits both Pint and Quart size bottles. Pint covers 2,500 sq ft.  Quart covers 5,000.