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    Keeps Your House Clean

We are excited to introduce our latest product VinylCLEAR.

This product will keep your vinyl, aluminum or painted siding cleaner and looking its best for years. VinylClear is a non-toxic water-dispersible sealer that is the answer to keeping your house siding cleaner and slowing the growth of mildew and algae for years! VinylClear is a special formulated coating that will not harm plants or animals, and will not damage any surfaces. For less than the price of sealing your driveway or 2 car washes you can seal your house and keep it clean without even getting on a ladder. You can seal your house in less than 15 minutes using your own garden hose and our specially designed sprayer that comes free with our 2 pint package.




- Keeps Vinyl Siding Looking It’s Best

- Fast and Easy to Apply

- Sprays up to 25 feet

- Non-Toxic and Will Not Harm Plants

- Just Spray it on and Forget about it


15 Minutes and You're Done!

Your Siding Will Stay Cleaner For Years!



VinylClear is a sealer, not a cleaner.

For best results, apply VinylClear to clean and dry vinyl siding.