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How to apply SUN CLEAR

No special treatment of the surface is required. For new plastic allow the greenhouse to sweat for about 2 weeks before applying SUN CLEAR.

Spray the Sun Clear mixture forcefully on the plastic. Work from the bottom up until the entire surface is thoroughly wetted and all drops disappear. If any spots are missed, they may be treated later at any time.

The application of Sun Clear to the new multi-year plastics can often be improved if the dilution ration of water to Sun Clear is tried first at about 50:1.  A dilution ration of 100:1 may still work with some plastics.

After applying Sun Clear the surface should be allowed to dry as much as possible by opening vents, turning on fans, and temporarily turning up thermostats.



Mixing Sun Clear (for plastic, dilute 100:1;  for glass 50:1

Sun Clear (Conc. Vol.)     Av. Dil. Vol. (Gal)     Coverage (av. sq. ft.)

1 PT. (0.473 L)                        12.5                          5,000

1 QT. (0.946 L)                         25                          10,000  

1 GL. (3.785 L)                        100                          40,000 

5 GL. (18.925 L)                      500                        200,000