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How VinylCLEAR works

This is the problem: Dirt and Algae Buildup.

The picture to the left is a test panal that VinylCLEAR was applied to on June 19, 2000. The left untreated side of the panel shows algae growing and on the right side of the panel shows the treated side still clean. VinylCLEAR is a non-toxic, insoluble, water-dispersible sealer that is the answer to keeping your house siding clean longer and slowing the growth of mildew and algae for years, depending on the climate and conditions. It takes about 15 minutes to apply VinylCLEAR to an average size home and your DONE!

This is the Solution.

VinylCLEAR is a special formulated coating designed not to harm plants and animals, nor damage any surfaces. If VinylCLEAR gets on your plants, just rinse off with water. VinylCLEAR is an effective formula specially designed to seal vinyl, aluminum or painted siding.

How does it work?

VinylCLEAR turns the Hydrophobic (water beads up) surface of Vinyl, Aluminum or painted surfaces to a Hydrophilic (water fans out) surface. When water dries on a Hydrophobic surface, the water beads up and brings dirt and other impurities together in a concentrated droplet, which then dries. When VinylCLEAR is applied, it prevents the droplets from forming and the water on your house will run off in sheet form, thus not allowing the dirt to concentrate to one spot. Most vinyl and painted surfaces have a slight static charge that will attract dust. If you observe an area on your home or fence that does not get wet, you will notice that dirt still accumulates, due to static charge. VinylCLEAR functions as an anti-stat and will reduce static charge.

This is all you need to keep your house looking its best!